This is what some car dealership companies fear the most. You get a lot of respect by looking the dealer in his eyes, but if he’s not looking at you straight then that could mean there is a problem. A person who looks at you straight is more likely telling you the truth as business news reports and psychologists have come up with headlines about psychological warfare mixing between the consumers and sellers. Which is determined as a major factor in most people’s lives on a new car purchase, and plays a dramatic role in getting what you can as an consumer of any kind of corporate business.

Decisions on automobiles are determined on aspects of trust from the consumer. There are tons of ways to pick up the wrong vibes from dealers such as, rushing, word stumbling, or even if they are talking too fast. You can use your very own abilities to know if you’re making a perfect decision or bad one when dealing with a dealership. Understand all the big or huge words that are being explained to you by the auto dealer.

Do this by asking personal questions about the auto purchase they are trying to sell you. Track all users of the vehicle by asking about the last owners and how well the car was kept in shape. Ask for health reports on the automobile. Using this method can save you financial troubles that could haunt you in the future by using our abilities we can fight against fraud or scams anytime we enter an auto dealership.

My name is Jay Pleas. I’m an auto mechanic and interior designer that spends most of my time buying autos and detailing them for many customers. At this time I make $100,000 a year maintaining my own car interior business. I live in Florida. I’m 28 years of age.